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"I have shopped around a cannot see where there is another puzzle program that is as versatile and affordable as this one."
--Jeff, New York

"I love the ease of your program. I am a 5th grade teacher and I use it for my spelling and reading reviews. The kids LOVE IT!"
--Debbie, New Jersey

"I teach english privately in Japan and I have wanted to make custom crossword puzzles for my students for a long time. For quite some I searched for a decent program and this is by far the best I've found. custom layouts and font settings, a robust interface and it handled the double-byte encoded Japanese fonts so I could display clues in japanese no problem. great work!"
--James C., Japan
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Puzzle Features
  • Spell check in 8 different languages
  • 50,000 word thesaurus for help in generating clues
  • Organize your puzzles by category
  • Multiple random puzzle creation attempts with best 4 results displayed
  • Allows up to 200 words per puzzle, up to 150 characters per clue
  • "Make It Fit" option ensures all text fits inside boundaries of Clues, Title, Bonus Question, Word List, Clue Headers, etc.
  • Import or export word and clue lists
  • Design your own puzzle page layout
  • Drop, place & size crossword, graphic images and text components
  • Create puzzles in different shapes - over 120 included such as a basket, train, apple, city skyline, star or flag.
  • Design your own puzzle shapes - up to 49 x 49 in size
  • Manually insert additional words & clues
  • Select fonts, colors, columns, borders, alignment & more
  • Choose paper size: Letter, Legal, A4, A5, B5, & more
Solve, Print or Share
  • Save puzzles as a graphic image (bitmap, metafile, JPEG, png)
  • Copy a puzzle to the clipboard and paste into another application
  • Solve puzzles on your computer
  • Save puzzles to upload to a website in a printable or playable format
  • Print Answer Key, Partial Answer Key, or Selected Letters as hints

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