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"As an educator, I consider this as the BEST program for designing crossword programs that I have ever seen - and I've tried them all! Keep up the great work. This program is worth every cent!"
-H.W., Canada

"Good stuff - As a German High School teacher, I really like the international characters option." -- Donald C., Washington

"I teach english privately in Japan and I have wanted to make custom crossword puzzles for my students for a long time. For quite some I searched for a decent program and this is by far the best I've found. custom layouts and font settings, a robust interface and it handled the double-byte encoded Japanese fonts so I could display clues in japanese no problem. great work!" --James C., Japan

"Your software has been a great help to me. I would not nearly have done as well with my teaching without it. My contract was renewed and in part I have you to thank. The students liked the puzzles and I would sometimes hear them complain "Awwww" at the end of class." --Patrick C.

"As an educator, I consider this as the BEST program for designing crossword programs that I have ever seen - and I've tried them all! Keep up the great work. This program is worth every cent!!" --H.W., Canada

"I love the ease of your program. I am a 5th grade teacher and I use it for my spelling and reading reviews. The kids LOVE IT!" --Debbie, New Jersey

"I recently returned to teaching science and found the puzzle program an excellent review of vocabulary words." --Frances, New Jersey

"I am a high school biology teacher and find this very useful for creating interesting homework assignments for my students." --Alice, Illinois

"Being an English and German teacher, I find your program wonderful - and so do my students!" --Sylvia, Austria

"Great program to make puzzles out of my children’s social studies and science definitions. Helps with study greatly." --Karen, Louisiana

"What a great product! We love it - it’s exactly what we were looking for when our son had a school project." --Christine, VA

"I really find this program useful in my teaching of grade 6 and 7 science. It reinforces vocabulary as well as scientific concepts." --Catherine, California

"My compliments to you for the flexibility of this program. It will be a great educational tool for use in language instruction." --Bruce, Canada

"My son is a star in his class because of this program. His teacher is amazed at the quality and speed at which he can create the puzzles." --Frank, Florida

"I just wanted to tell you that your crossword and word search puzzles program are far superior to the ones in the educational software catalogues and much cheaper as well. We have bought some of them and they are JUNK." --Roz, New Jersey

"I downloaded your 'evaluation' version to create a puzzle for my daughter's third grade class (she's a student assistant). This package impressed us so much that I am immediately ordering it. This program allows for customization that exceeds all others." --Steve, Illinois

"Thanks so much. It's a great program! I'll be using it a lot to make puzzles for both Senior Citizens and for the kids in my Sunday School class!"--Joan, North Carolina

"I have looked at several other crossword creation programs, and this one is by far the best I've seen. What I particularly like: It is easy to use, I like the way that it does multiple trials, it is easy to import files of words, the shapes are nice (and I can make my own), and more." --Phyllis, PA

"Easy to use. I do a weekly church bulletin, and the ease of your program makes my job easier." --Billy, Texas

"Verrry nice piece of work! It’s not often that I find shareware that does what it advertises and does it so well." --Robert, Ohio

"I have used quite a few of these and this is by far the best. I use this for training purposes as a manufacturer’s agent."--Ernest, Ohio

"Puzzles magazines will fall into poverty, soon..." --Antonio, Italy

"The Best - most friendly one I’ve seen. I can teach users in five minutes." --J.H., Canada

"I am in charge of a game section for an educational newsletter and I think your program is GREAT." --Brian, Pennsylvania

"My wife likes to make crossword puzzles for wedding showers. Your program is delighting her! Thanks." --Len, California

"At last, the Crossword Maker I have been looking for!" --Neil, New Zealand

"After buying other Crossword Software (from another source) and working for two days, I downloaded your software. I then accomplished more in just a couple of hours. I am very pleased with the ease of operation and the quality of the finished product. Thanks." --John, Oklahoma

"Absolutely fantastic! The price is amazing as well. Sign me up before you realize you're giving it away!" --Earl, North Carolina

"I have shopped around a cannot see where there is another puzzle program that is as versatile and affordable as this one." --Jeff, New York