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"Easy to use. I do a weekly church bulletin, and the ease of your program makes my job easier."
--Billy, Texas

"My compliments to you for the flexibility of this program. It will be a great educational tool for use in language instruction."
--Bruce, Canada

"I downloaded your 'evaluation' version to create a puzzle for my daughter's third grade class (she's a student assistant). This package impressed us so much that I am immediately ordering it. This program allows for customization that exceeds all others."
-- Steve, Illinois

"What a great product! We love it - itís exactly what we were looking for when our son had a school project."
-- Christine, VA

Crossword Construction Kit allows you to create pages that can be uploaded to your web server for visitors to print or solve puzzles. Templates control the design of the resulting web pages. By editing the templates you can create pages that match the design of your website. Basic sample templates are included that create pages with a plain white background.

A template file is provided to create web pages that contain printable puzzles and another to create web pages that contain playable puzzles. Templates can be edited using the built-in editor. Load the editor by following these steps:
  1. Click Print Puzzle and OK to bring up the Puzzle Preview dialog.
  2. Click the Save Web button to bring up the Create Puzzle Page dialog.
  3. Click either the Playable or Printable button, depending on which template you want to edit.
  4. Click the Template button to load the template editor.

Various tags in the template indicate where certain puzzle elements will be placed. For example:
  • <!---#TITLE#---> displays the title of the puzzle.
  • <!---#FIRSTHEADER#---> indicates where the first puzzle header should be placed.
  • <!---#SECONDFOOTER#---> is where the second footer will be located.
A sample playable template file that creates puzzles that match this website is also copied to the Puzzle data folder in the file PlayableHTML_CWK_Template.htm. Look at this file with an editor to get an idea how to create your own customized templates.

The default playable HTML template file is PlayableHTML_Template.htm. The default printable HTML template file is PrintableHTML_Template.htm. Both of these files are located in the Puzzle data folder. They contain basic templates to create web pages that display puzzles with a plain white background.

Multiple template files can be used by selecting different file names in the preferences found in Options, Preferences, File System, and "Playable Puzzle HTML Template file" or "Printable Puzzle HTML Template file".

Editing templates requires HTML coding knowledge.

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Use Web Page Templates to create puzzles that match your website.

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