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"I love the ease of your program. I am a 5th grade teacher and I use it for my spelling and reading reviews. The kids LOVE IT!"
--Debbie, New Jersey

"I recently returned to teaching science and found the puzzle program an excellent review of vocabulary words."
--Frances, New Jersey

"I am a high school biology teacher and find this very useful for creating interesting homework assignments for my students."
--Alice, Illinois

"Being an English and German teacher, I find your program wonderful - and so do my students!"
--Sylvia, Austria

Create puzzles for practically any subject. Puzzles can be especially helpful for vocabulary and spelling. Or they work well to reinforce math or science terms and concepts. Use them for foreign language and reviews of literary works. In short, use puzzles as a fun way for students to better understand any topic.

Include a bonus question with the puzzle.
Create or use puzzle shapes that match your subject material.
Import supporting graphic images for puzzle backdrops.

Ideas for using crossword puzzles
  • Chapter reviews
  • Quizzes
  • Extra credit assignments
  • Homework
  • Fun learning activities
  • Any time that it will help students learn
Bottom Line
As a busy teacher, Crossword Construction Kit will help you quickly create great looking puzzles. It's easy to customize to grade level and topics. It will save you time and help your students in the learning process.

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