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"Your software has been a great help to me. I would not nearly have done as well with my teaching without it. My contract was renewed and in part I have you to thank. The students liked the puzzles and I would sometimes hear them complain "Awwww" at the end of class."
--Patrick C.

View videos tutorials to see step-by-step instructions on how to use Crossword Construction Kit. Or read written tutorials.

A brief introduction
A quick tour of Crossword Construction Kit.
Categories, words, clues, shape, layout, create, print

Creating a crossword puzzle
Learn the basics of creating a crossword puzzle and then how to print or export for other use.
Category, import words, spell check, shape, layout, create, print

Develop a new puzzle shape
Learn how to create a new puzzle shape that can be used in your puzzles.
Shape Creator, grid, size

Design your own page layout
See how to drop, place and size the puzzle, graphics and text components to make your own layout for print or export.
Page Creator, title, puzzle, clues, headers, size, position, layout, image