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"I have shopped around a cannot see where there is another puzzle program that is as versatile and affordable as this one."
--Jeff, New York

"I love the ease of your program. I am a 5th grade teacher and I use it for my spelling and reading reviews. The kids LOVE IT!"
--Debbie, New Jersey

"I teach english privately in Japan and I have wanted to make custom crossword puzzles for my students for a long time. For quite some I searched for a decent program and this is by far the best I've found. custom layouts and font settings, a robust interface and it handled the double-byte encoded Japanese fonts so I could display clues in japanese no problem. great work!"
--James C., Japan
Crossword Construction Kit Portable can be installed on any portable drive. A portable drive is any type of drive that can be connected to and disconnected from your computer. These may be referred to as a USB drive, flash drive, flash memory, thumb drive, memory stick or portable hard drive. Crossword Construction Kit Portable will run from that device rather than the local computer.

Use requires a valid Crossword Construction Kit Portable license. There is no 30-day trial license. Use the standard version of Crossword Construction Kit to evaluate the program.

with both Crossword Construction Kit and Crossword Construction Kit Portable for only $47.95.

Why Go Portable?
If you use several different computers, take Crossword Construction Kit with you. Just plug into the computer, load the program and you are ready to go. Keep all your macros in one convenient location.

Portable Menu
Crossword Construction Kit Portable includes Portable Menu. This program will load Crossword Construction Kit Portable or other programs on your portable device.

Crossword Construction Kit Portable Notes
  • Will not leave traces of the program on the hard drive of the machine where the program is run.
  • There is no uninstaller. To uninstall use Windows Explorer to delete the files from your portable device.
  • To run, you must first enter a valid Crossword Construction Kit Portable license.
  • The options to import or export the program preferences have been removed.